- tomatoes with mozzarella and basil pesto and balsamico glace
- mixed antipasti platter (antipasti, proscuitto, Grana cheese, olives)
- beef carpaccio with ruccola and Grana cheese
- beef tartar with fresh toast, butter and salad
From our soup pot
- soup of the day
- hearty beef soup (liver dumplings or pancake stripes or noodles)
- old Viennese soup pot with beef, vegetables and noodles
- creamed garlic soup with crispy croutons
- French onion soup with gratinated toast
Salad platters
- breaded chicken styrian style with potatoes and lamb lettuce salad in pumpkin seed oil
- wellness-salad with grilled chicken filet
- goats cheese wrapped in bacon and courgettes with baby salad
- herb salad with grilled shrimps
- baked cod with potatoe salad
- grilled salmon-trout on spinch leafs with oven potatoes and Bernaise sauce
- grilled pike perch with roasted potatoes and paprika, herb butter
- fish platter (pike perch, salmon-trout, cod, shrimps) with grilled vegetables and herb potatoes
Our "Schnitzel" specialities
- roasted slice of pork in jus and buttered rice
- breaded slice of veal (Wiener Schnitzel) with mixed salad
- brined slice of pork with homemade potatoe salad
- filet of chicken in sesame crust and mixed salad
- pork Cordon Bleu with mixed salad
- chicken Cordon bleu with mixed salad
- pork Cordon bleu farmer‘s style filled with bacon, mountain cheese and roasted potatoes
- roasted slice of pork with chilli, gratinated and roasted potatoes
- meat varieties (slice of pork, slice of brined pork, chicken filet in sesame crust) with french fries and mixed salad
- lungs with dumplings
- roasted pork liver with majoram and roasted potatoes
- breaded pork liver with potatoe salad
- chicken liver Hungarian style with roasted onions, paprika, peas and potatoes
- breaded chicken liver with potatoe and lamb lettuce salad in pumpkin seed oil
The best of meat
- baked filet of chicken with tomatoes and mozzarella and vegetables rice
- boiled beef with creamed spinach, roasted potatoes, apple-horseradish and chive sauce (Tafelspitz)
- pork tenderloin in pepper sauce mit croquettes
- tips of beef filets with homemade pasta
- beef filets in pepper sauce, grilled vegetables, rosemary potatoes and Bernaise sauce
More food
- roasted dumplings with green salad
- breaed cheese with cranberry chutney
- roasted pork with soured cabbage and dumplings
- beef goulash with dumplings or bread
- goulash Fiaker style with dumplings, fried egg, sausage and gurkins
- spare ribs with roasted potatoes and sauces
- pancakes (2 pieces) with apricot or plum jam or with Nutella
- soufflee Somlauer style with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
- sticky chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
- puffed pancake with raisins and plum compote
- nougat dumplings with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
- chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream